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The Face of the DMA Facebook

November 9, 2010

Recently, one of our fabulous members of the PR team, Kimberly Daniell, took time out of her busy schedule to discuss her role at the Museum. Enjoy reading about her job and the exciting things she gets to do here.

Amy Wolf
Coordinator of Gallery Teaching


Kimberly Daniell, PR Specialist

Years Employed at the Dallas Museum of Art: Almost eight months, time here at the DMA has just flown by.

Describe your job here at the Museum: My job involves passing along information about all the wonderful art, programs, and events that happen at the DMA. In the process I get to meet and interact with artists, authors, and the visitors. Recently, I worked with five French chefs and one sommalier for a press reception celebrating the Mourners exhibition and Dijon.

What is your favorite part of your job? There are so many things I love about my job. I really enjoy getting to interact with the public through social media and I love that parts of my job take place in the galleries. At any point during the day I can pop down to the galleries and enjoy some art.

What is a challenge you face in your job? Being on live TV! The first time this happened I had been outside in 100 degree weather setting up a TV crew for Jazz Under the Stars. I had about a fifteen-minute warning before the news anchor asked me to be on TV. Luckily the TV crew let me use their van’s side mirror to fix my hair.

How did you decide you wanted to work in a museum? I fell in love with Monet when I was in first grade and I knew I had to have art in my life somehow. Working at a museum allows me to be surrounded by art while getting the community involved.

If you weren’t working at the Museum, what is something else you would be doing? I would love to be a travel writer. Who wouldn’t love getting paid to travel?

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