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Gregory Crewdson at the DMA

February 6, 2010

Photographer Gregory Crewdson was at the Dallas Museum of Art this week to give a lecture as part of the “Creativity in the Age of Technology” lecture series offered through the Center for Values in Medicine, Science, and Technology at The University of Texas at Dallas.

In addition to the public lecture, Crewdson also met with students who are enrolled in our UT Dallas/Dallas Museum of Art partnership course this spring.  It was a great opportunity for the students to see the three works of art by Crewdson on view in the galleries and to participate in a conversation with the artist.

This free lecture series on creativity continues with three more talks this spring at The University of Texas at Dallas: Mihalyi Csikszentmihaly on February 17, Robert Sternberg on March 11, and Raffaello D’Andrea on April 8.

Gregory Crewdson, Untitled (Sunday Roast)

Gregory Crewdson with UT Dallas students

Horchow Auditorium fills before the lecture begins.

Molly Kysar
Head of Teaching Programs

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